In 2015, governments came together and committed to 17 Goals that set out a blueprint for a peaceful and prosperous planet. These Sustainable Development Goals or the Global Goals were adopted by the member states of the UN, and the Goals have been since been at the centre of government policies and strategic plans. The Goals are not just for governments, but also for all of our societies, and they offer a great opportunity for small and medium enterprises.

By working with us and the Global Goals programme, together we can not only help your business become more sustainable and environmentally conscious but you can also showcase your efforts to your consumers using the Global Goals as a platform. This can help your brand build consumer trust, as well as display your corporate responsibility efforts. Giving your Local Voice a Global One.

With two ambassadors for the Global Goals on our team, we hope that together we can bring the benefits of the Global Goals to your enterprise, and that you can join us, civil society movements, and governments who are striving towards the achievement of the goals.