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Daniel Sarikaya – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Currently a final year undergraduate, studying International Business at Loughborough University in Leicestershire.
I worked in the business district of Bangkok for a tech start-up, D8ii Limited, where I was tasked with managing the company’s various media outlets, researching advancements of technologies within the industry, and keeping up to date with current trends including big data and the internet of things.

After completing my studies at Grenoble Ecole de Management, where I mainly completed group projects on brand creation and digital marketing, I returned to Loughborough to complete my four years of higher education. My most recent work has included working for the Times as an interviewer, conducting primary research on students views about the roles of government and student finance/ opportunities after university.

Currently based in London.

Contact: danielsarikaya.aos@gmail.com

James Field – Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)


Currently acting as a Global Goals Action Ambassador on behalf of Youth Now while studying a Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies with the University of Essex UK.

I also work as an Emissary for the Peacemaker Corps Association, an international NGO, alongside my studies and my travels: mostly to Myanmar (Burma) so I can gain an additional perspective of the issues facing societies in the ‘developing’ world. I’ve also gained a lot of insight as a Data Analyst and E-learning Frontrunner for the University of Essex’s Student’s Union. That insight has primarily been focused on analysing where our student services were going wrong, and looking for solutions to the problems students at the university were facing when trying to benefit from our department’s skill sessions.

I hope to bring the same skillset to my work finding sustainable solutions to small and medium enterprises that will not only help our communities, but also the enterprises themselves through building corporate social responsibility and providing an effective marketing platform.

Currently based in London.

Contact: jamesfield.aos@gmail.com

Olivia Sykes – Executive Consultant


Currently acting as a Global Goals Action Ambassador on behalf of Youth Now while pursuing a Bachelor of International Business with Corporate Responsibility through Open University UK.

Previously I worked as a research analyst at Aligned, a real estate investment management company with a focus on sustainable alternative property. My role was primarily focused on researching social infrastructure, health care and the macro trends that underpin investment into the respective sectors in order to support the investment strategies and deployment of capital.

Prior, I was awarded a placement to work with the Human Rights Committee in Geneva in which I was tasked with reporting on the historic performance and future Human Rights initiatives committed to by member states. Simultaneously I worked with an NGO (Talent Tree) that provides micro financing in Ghana, running workshops to educate academics on the sustainability of micro finance in comparison to other aid options.

Currently based in London.

Contact: oliviasykes.aos@gmail.com


Aaron Glazebrook – Digital Marketing Executive


Currently living between New Zealand and the UK, creating promotional travel videos in my spare time while hiking and climbing mountains. 57486541_418263905410419_6296339614038753280_n

For nearly 5 years, I have been working in the construction sector for a company who strives to create sustainability in the built environment. Over this period, I have been involved in the growth of our digital team, specialising in e-learning, video editing and working with internal and external stakeholders to produce multimedia content including promotional material for social media, newsletters, interviews, and material for exhibitions.

I am hoping to bring my passion and experience for digital media and content to my role in The Assembly as the digital marketing executive, and I look forward to working with our Assembly Members on their digital content.

Currently based in London.

Contact: aaronglazebrook.aos@gmail.com