Welcome to The Assembly


Our mission here is to help our local small & medium sized enterprises (SMEs) integrate sustainable strategies into their business model and find solutions to the many challenges that SMEs face on a daily basis. The challenges our local businesses and communities face are important to us, and by building a collective voice for our small and medium sized enterprises we will be better able to confront those challenges by shouting louder.

With two Global Action Ambassadors working on our team, we’re working towards the completion of the Sustainable Development Goals – A Global Campaign of 17 goals that aims to address the issues we all face. By working towards the Global Goals we can help give a global voice to our local voices, shouting louder to build the sustainable future we all need, with our local companies leading the way forward to better serve their customers and communities.

This is our Mission – We hope your enterprise would like to be a part of it, so that we can be a part of yours.


If you’d like to know more about the Global Goals please click here.